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Logo Designer at Work

Presenting a Consistent Identity.

We will establish or enhance an authentic brand identity that is reflective of  your business' values, products, mission, attitude and more. And we will ensure

your brand is clearly and consistently represented in all  of your business impressions. 


Services include:

  • Business Image & Personality Creation and Implementation 

  • Company or Product Naming

  • Logos

  • Icons & Favicons

  • Color Palette

  • Font Selections

  • Slogans & Taglines


Putting the

Pieces Together.

After analyzing your current and future goals, we will help you determine the steps needed to get you there. 

You will receive a personalized, comprehensive plan for effectively engaging with

your target audience. From marketing positioning to social media to promotion.


Services include:

  • Product & Promotional Launches and Campaigns

  • Social Media Accounts & Posting Calendars

  • Podcast Guest Speaking

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Customer Contact Strategy & Email Campaigns 

  • Implementation of Virtual Services via online platforms such as Zoom

Website Design

Your Presence

Online & On-the-Move

Whether we create your first website, completely revamp an existing site or simply refresh your content and visuals,

we will make certain your website functions properly

and reflects your brand. 

From a simple introductory site to an interactive site that includes appointment booking, payments, videos, online shops, blogs and more. 


Services include:

  • Site Aesthetics, Design, Layout, and Structure

  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly Designs

  • Functionality and SEO

  • Email Acquisition Functions

  • Auto-Response Visitor Outreach Programs

Person Writing

Content to Ghostwriting

Your voice plays an essential role in your success. We will make sure it represents your values, accurately describes your niche, and acts as a call to action. 

Services include:

  • Customer Contact Emails

  • Blogs & Social Media Posts

  • Content Writing

  • Script & Lesson Writing

  • Author Support & Editing

  • Book & Article Ghostwriting

  • White Pages

  • Business to Business and Business to Consumer Writing


Turning Your

Skills into Courses

We'll show you how to transform your services, and knowledge into profitable online learning courses. The rapidly growing platform of online classes allows you to vastly increase your impact on a global scale.


Services Include:

  • Course or Webinar Development & Structure

  • How-To of Course Creation

  • Incorporation of Learning Styles into Class Content 

  • Video Scripting, Editing and Support

  • Implementation onto E-Platform 

  • Course Marketing 

Rock Maze


Business Coaching

Have a passion but not a path?  

Clear on the direction but uncertain on the steps

that will lead you to your destination?

Want to explore how your amazing idea could be a viable business?

Let's talk. 

Let's make sure your business is truly reflecting your unique strengths and vision.  Let's explore

new possibilities for sharing

what you have to offer. 

Let's clarify

the direction of your

one-of-a-kind business 

and propel you toward self-fulfillment and success. 


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