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Meet Carol

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Simply put, I have a passion for supporting women... in life and in business.


I love seeing strong women confidently acknowledge their gifts and skills and turn their innate talents into successful and satisfying businesses.  But I know there are way too many amazing women with abilities and strengths that have not been fully realized. Add to that all of the smart women who have tapped into their potential but need help turning their awesome ideas into viable products or services.


Those are the women I love to nurture and support! 


I have a special connection with later-in-life women who are rich in wisdom and experience. They bring such a valuable asset to the table! 

It brings me great joy to help them hone in on their strengths, clarify an authentic vision for their services or products, and establish a marketing plan that empowers them and their business to flourish. 

A favorite part of my work is hearing someone's background story... uncovering the heart of the woman and their business, discovering what makes them unique, what motivates them and what brings them joy and satisfaction.  

I would love to hear your story and see how I can help your idea, service, product, or business SOAR!

                                           With great respect, 

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A few things about me. I ...

  • Am driven to create...whether it be painting, cooking, decorating, crocheting, jewelry-making or writing.

  • Have worked in marketing and merchandising my entire career...

for retail and catalog companies, as an owner of a business in the wholesale home decor industry, 

for advertising agencies,

for nonprofit organizations, and for providers of professional and wellness services. 

  • Am a fourth-generation native Californian.

  • Consider myself a lifelong learner. 

  • Am a ten-year cancer survivor. 

  • Can quote every line and sing every song in the Wizard of Oz. 

  • Am fascinated by all things spiritual.

  • Love traveling and spending time in southern Spain.

  • Am smitten with my smart, witty, handsome, and big-hearted 

23-year-old son. 

Meet Carol

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