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entrepreneurs &

service professionals

to better serve

their clients.  



have to

do it 


Marketing, Branding, 

Websites, Copywriting,  

Online Learning, and

Business Strategizing

with Carol Murphy

Let Carol 

help your

amazing service


Who can benefit?

Women looking to…

Start a new business venture

Offer an existing service or product in a new format

Add a new branch or service to their current offerings

Revamp or refresh their image,

direction, or services


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Today's environment presents both challenges and opportunities to how business professionals can best reach and serve their clients.

What worked in the past may no longer be the optimal way to move forward.

In-person sessions, seminars, and services must be adapted to meet the current climate and needs of your clients.

It may be time to rebrand or to deliver your service in fresh and innovative ways...

  • Offer your services via Zoom

  • Develop Online Learning courses to reach a much wider audience and create a passive income stream  

  • Share your story, product, or vision as a Podcast guest.

Maybe you have a great idea but are unsure of how to turn it into a profitable venture.

Perhaps the new path to growing your business is outside of your comfort zone or technical skillset. 

Or it could be you simply don't have the time to dedicate to it.


Not to worry. That's where Carol Murphy Marketing comes in.


Carol will help you clarify a business vision that honors your unique strengths and services. Next, she will create a dynamic plan on how to best market your services and products. And she will provide step-by-step support and implementation to transform your desired plan into your new reality. 

Discover how she can take your business to the next level. 

Areas of Strength

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Website Design

& Development

Podcasts, Promotion, 

& Social Media 


 & Content Creation

Online Learning

& Virtual Services

I love being able to bring the pieces together that support growing businesses. Many talented owners struggle with knowing how to market their amazing services or products, especially in the changing world we find ourselves in.

Helping women identify their authentic vision and voice and

then seeing them successfully connect with their clients is immensely rewarding.                             

Carol Murphy

What Clients Say

Sharon Yff

7 Hawks

Carol really cares about your success as much as you do. 

She helped me

clarify my vision and created the perfect brand strategy to propagate that vision.   

Cathy D'Agostino

1333 Pottery

She helped me turn my passion for pottery into a viable business. Carol's marketing skills and confidence in me allowed me to fulfill my dream of opening my own teaching center. 

Carole DiSalvo

Heal with Regression

She encouraged me to reach beyond and stretch my wings! Thank you, Carol,

for believing

in me and being there every step of the way.   

Rev. Peggy Huddleston

Chaplain for All

In a short amount of time, Carol set up my entire counseling service to operate virtually. She 

created a logo, made a professional website that takes bookings, payments, and schedules

Zoom meetings.

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